trainingreality helping people work better with people
training tailored to you and your business

Our training courses are designed
with one thing in mind.


our clients are the most important part of our courses

That’s why we don’t have off-the-shelf packages, programmes based on a single theory, or fixed approaches to every issue.

There are too many training organisations that claim to be able to solve problems by applying a 5 step process to this or an 8 step process to that. We’re different. We genuinely understand that every single individual is different, every client is different, every industry is different, and all those things change on a daily basis.

That’s also why the very first thing we do, before any agreement to go ahead, is to get to know you, your people, and your situation. We’re then perfectly happy to turn around and say that we can’t help. We’re that honest. But if we can, you know that we’ll be doing it from a position of really knowing you, and designing your training course to fit perfectly to you.

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