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Shirley Gaston

has worked in training and education for more than fifteen years. She has a first class degree in Education as well as a Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Professional Training and Development.

She has had several articles published particularly in the field of outdoor management development.


Shirley is passionate about making learning engaging, exciting and lasting! You can forget dull, repetitive sessions; Shirley has worked in training and education for over 15 years and still loves finding creative interactive - and memorable - solutions to an organisation's needs. Flexible, open and caring, she works hard to ensure every programme makes a real and lasting difference both to the people on it and ultimately to their business. Asked to describe her style, the words most often used by participants are 'professional', 'friendly', 'approachable', 'motivating' and 'inspiring'.

She is a fellow of ITOL (Institute of Training and Occupational Learning). She is also the host of the Yorkshire Training Journal on-line network, organising non-profit professional development and networking events for all learning and development professionals in the region.

Shirley values integrity and honesty and these qualities are intrinsic to her training programmes. It is important to her to be really approachable and, although highly professional, her overt friendliness is part of her style.

She also holds numerous psychometric qualifications and has attended many short trainer development programmes as well as providing them herself for her own staff. She specialises in team and leadership development, coaching skills and train the trainer.

Shirley lives in Yorkshire with her husband, three small children and a Springer Spaniel. She enjoys a range of outdoor activities, theatre and running her book group!

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