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Simon Roskrow

Simon Roskrow is our managing director, and the lead trainer on the majority of courses. Simon brings a huge range of experience from an enormous range of sources...

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Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh is based in Brighton, but takes his unique approach and cutting edge training across the UK and internationally. He has dedicated his life to studying embodied training...

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Lesley Lyle

Lesley Lyle has incredible energy, enthusiasm, experience, allied with a deep and genuine care for others. She worked in the Aviation industry for over 25 years providing excellent Customer Service directly and through the recruitment and training of others...

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Gary Gorman

Gary Gorman is a leading UK sales mentor, author, trainer and business speaker. Having been at the sales sharp end for more than twenty years, selling to some of the biggest names in UK retail, he is highly qualified to help you improve your selling and negotiation skills....

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Shirley Gaston

Shirley Gaston is passionate about making learning engaging, exciting and lasting; she loves finding creative, interactive, and memorable solutions to an organisation's needs.

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Larry Reynolds

Larry Reynolds has 20 years experience of facilitating organisational change in a wide variety of organisations in the private, public and third sector. He believes that the most successful organisations have a purpose beyond profit, are sustainable in all senses of the word, and are great places to work.

Danny Clarke

Danny Clarke has a unique, energetic style of training that makes his courses stand out from the rest both in terms of enjoyment on the day and tangible, practical learning skills that can be implemented afterwards. By using humour and real-life everyday examples, Danny inspires others to learn and develop.

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