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"Our future is very dependent on the quality of our managers and leaders. Simon has been brilliant in bridging the gap between the fun of the outdoor activities and the real world of work, making sure delegates clearly understand and learn from the tasks. As a fast growing business, our Leader Development programme has, thanks to Simon, helped ensure we have the managers we need." PP

Well delivered and engaging, pace was perfect and Simon was fun and knowledgable

Really enjoyed the day - will definitely make a difference

The session compels you to question your current approach and look for ways to influence your performance

Will definitely be putting into practice all I've learnt. Si Rules!

The training was very successful and interactive. Simon helped develop the confidence of all individuals by using hands on activities to bring out the best in each participant.

Simon's confidence and passion for what he was teaching came across well.

Simon: Easy going, adaptable to quirky clients, intelligent, insightful viewpoints and very good company.

Thank you for the coaching sessions, I've found them very interesting and useful.

Very well delivered. Simon is very enthusiastic

Delivery was good, very interactive and people were always involved

Simon makes you feel at ease, his delivery is clear and to the point. He knows when to lift the group with humour,and he knows when the focus has to change. A very enjoyable course. 2 days well spent.

This was done really well and I thought Simon was great in the way he delivered the training and how at ease and open we all ended up being

I thought the whole process from start to finish was superb and will be a massive help to me going forward in my sales career. I also think that rolling this out across the company can only help us to grow and continue to raise the bar in sales.

I just wanted to email and congratulate you on the sales development workshop that you have produced...I can’t say I was looking forward to it as role playing to colleagues is not one of my favourite hobbies...I think you could feel the tension first thing Wednesday morning and I thought it was going to be the longest 2 days of my life but Simon broke the ice and by the afternoon session I think everyone was enjoying the experience and this was all down to Simon’s personality and helpful persona

The whole process I found really interesting and engaging, I have never had any sales training previously and the amount of help and confidence this has given me can only help me going forward in my career...From the experience I can only say how helpful and informative I found the experience. My only advice to anybody doing it in the future would be to go in with an open mind, be prepared to listen and get stuck in!!!!

"We are a small, dynamic company based in two different countries. Clear communication and trusting relationships are essential, and the difference between success and failure – we found Simon just in time. The programme was so successful, we’ve scheduled three follow-on courses for later this year." SO

"Excellent theories, models and training…the best part was how tailored it was to our particular situation. Simon is a living embodiment of how to do it. He pushed us all to exactly the right levels and got the results we needed." AS

"Simon was enthusiastic and interesting which provided me with inspiration." MH

"A very inspirational course. The content was spot on [and the] classroom work balanced with outdoor practice. Simon is a very good presenter, very inspirational, approachable, and supportive. The best course I’ve been on…I now feel energised." RP

"I really learnt a lot from the content of the course and the group. Genuinely excellent." JB

"Fantastic course. Very different and actionable. Simon was inspirational for me. Very competent and an easy manner." JS

"This was the best course so far in my career at {XX}, and also in all my working life." AH

"Excellent course, well organised and conducted, and memorable. Simon is passionate with excellent presentation skills." RX

"Simon was a fantastic trainer, really receptive to the group. He drew on some great examples [and he] was great at keeping the energy levels up and ensuring we were all engaged. He genuinely inspired me and made me feel really supported and encouraged. A brilliant course" Anon

"Simon was energetic and passionate about all the material. The course was well structured, right time frame, well organised, truly inspirational and the most enjoyable course I have been on." SH

"Simon is a fantastic trainer. He is a truly inspirational trainer. His experience gave me a very direct understanding of our current situation and future goals. The outdoor sessions were great. They are not just purely for fun but also gave us the chance to learn from the activities and each other to prepare for the future." Anon

"Simon is a good guy, knows his stuff, very motivational. A fab course." Anon

"Simon maintained a very good standard throughout the course, very passionate about what he does, energised the team consistently, very inspirational. Overall the course was excellent, the best we’ve had so far. Learning practically is the best way of learning." AS

"Hands on training was without doubt the best and possibly the only way to get the training across. Simon was exceptional and delivered a great course and environment." MH

"The course far outshone my expectations – by far the best training I’ve had. The alternative approach of using outdoor activities and adrenaline experiences worked so well – it made it stand out. It was a real eye-opener. Simon is so enthusiastic and seamless." JS

"The course was jam-packed and very productive which was great, despite 12 hour days! Simon was very inspiring and truly demonstrated the spirit of the course. An excellent course, it has to be by far the most valuable." SH

"Really well paced with a good balance of class and exercises. The models were all explained and demonstrated clearly. Simon was always clear and concise and never patronising either! The activities were really well tied into the class work and really helped us to practice the models" JH

"Simon was very inspirational – overall the best course I have attended!!" SH

"All in all a fantastic course. It was perfectly balanced between outorr and classroom activities. Whilst it was enjoyable and fun, I also learned a great deal about myself, my peers, and how to be an inspirational trainer. Simon was energetic and enthusiastic throughout, and treated everyone with respect." IG

"Simon was very inspiring and excellent at getting the information and knowledge across. Overall the course was excellent." JB

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