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is not complicated, but high quality communication takes a little effort. Do we always take in every piece of information others are giving us, and do we always ensure that we’re giving out every piece of information we want? How often do we check either of those?

Communication is a whole body experience, and by becoming more conscious of how we and others communicate, we can decide to do it better, all of the time. The possibilities are infinite; we can all get better.

If you or your people need help in developing your subconscious communication skills, get in touch.

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customer service

is the single most effective way of ensuring repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations. It's also the most effective way of ensuring no repeat business and word-of-mouth dissuasion. Your front line staff can make or break your business.

Learning how to deal with all customers, how to rapidly build rapport and relationships, how to delight customers and encourage them to spread the good word is the best investment in marketing you will ever make. Every member of your team is part of your sales force.

If you or your people would like help in getting customers to market your business for you, get in touch.

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like everything, good decision making takes practice

but all too often, we don’t have the freedom to experiment. Imagine a situation where you could experiment with decisions themselves, and more importantly, the decision-making process, so you become better and better.

Using team exercises from 30 minute challenges to intensive 4 day “industry scenario” programmes, we can help you explore decision making in a hands on, practical way that will mean something genuinely useful to you, every day, back in the 'real world'.

If you or your people need help in making better, more timely decisions, get in touch.

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our basic belief

is that everyone has the potential to lead. Leadership is about passion, about being yourself, about enthusiasm, and about openly sharing with others. We help people to model those times when they show genuine leadership, from whatever aspect of their life, and learn how to apply it however, and wherever, they want.

Leadership is not a system, a process, or a technique. It’s a belief expressed with authenticity that others simply want to follow.

If you or your people need help in using your natural leadership skills, get in touch.

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a lot of nonsense

is written and talked about in the area of management - it can be full of jargon, inpenetrable language (used because, when you do penetrate it, the content vanishes), and comprises many numbered lists of the "X steps to boredom".

Unsurprisingly, we're different. Management is fundamentally simple - it's about getting the job done, delivering the result, in the most efficient and effective way possible. That's it. But we can all benefit from help from time to time, even on the supposedly easy stuff.

If you or your people need help in developing your range of management skills and techniques, get in touch.

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thankfully, none of us are the same

otherwise teams and organisations of clones would be as successful as we can be. The fact that we are different is what brings value to a team, but in also brings along its own challenges.

The first step in developing teamwork is to understand yourself. You can then share this with others and other with you, so that differences are explored, understood and appreciated. Only then are we ready for the final stage of team development - getting the best possible out of every single individual.

If you or your people need help in understanding each other, get in touch.

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