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Case Study

Preparing a team for a trade show

Confex is, without doubt, the biggest conference and exhibition event in the UK. Held annually at Earl's Court in London, it's a fabulous opportunity for venues to demonstrate their services to a massive audience, and to sign up lots of new business. It's a showcase for some of the best facilities in the UK, all togther under one (enormous) roof.

It's also a fabulous opportunity to get a group of uncomfortable people together to look bored, struggle to interact with a rapidly moving sea of faces, and create a depressed, lonely image for your brand.

The marketing team at Harrogate International Centre wanted to avoid any possibility of the latter. They were investing heavily in a fantastic stand, and wanted to invest in developing their people as well. We worked with them to develop skills in attracting the right people in to conversation, presenting the right image, and having a hugely successful three days.

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Further Information

The programme we designed and delivered for the Harrogate International Centre was in three parts:

Three things happened as a result of this work. The team thoroughly enjoyed Confex - not always the case, as it can be a tough three days. The stand was, by far, the busiest one in the show. But, most importantly, it was the most successful Confex ever for HIC in terms of the number of leads, the interest generated, and the actual "hard-cash" quantity of business signed up on the day.

What a smart investment.

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