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Case Study

Creating a team vision - and getting buy-in. Includes some great photos!

Scotland in January is perhaps not the very first choice for a training session that involves a few "survival" exercises, but in this case the weather was spectacularly kind to us! We ran a two-day session with the management team of a new, not yet up-and-running, and frankly enormous distribution centre to develop a site vision, and work out how best to deploy it.

In our usual style, we decided that we needed some proper experiential aspects to the programme, as well as the classroom work, and we integrated the two so that we could come up with some clear, focused plans to ensure a massively successful launch of the new operation.

creating a team vision

Further Information

The real focus of the two days was to (a) ensure that the team had the right shared values to survive and thrive through a high-pressure operational launch, and (b) work out how best to deploy their shared vision. In order to do this, we:

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