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Case Study

Using MBTI to de-personalise criticism

We decided to run a recent team development programme in a very provocative, divisive way - an unusual approach, but one that was well worth the risk (and agreed with the client up front!).

The rationale was that the team needed to develop their skills in working together, but that they were rather resistant to opening up and being honest with each other.

By criticising each other using Myers Briggs profiles as a conduit, we managed to get some really serious stuff 'out there' without upsetting anyone, and have begun the process of working out how to handle each others' perceived weaknesses rather than brushing them under the carpet or allowing them to get under each other's skins.

As usual, we mixed the theory (MBTI in this case) with interactive classroom work and outdoor exercises to really flesh out the meaning of the programme - and to ensure it remains top-of-mind.

using mbti to give critical feedback

Further Information

The process we went through was:

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