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Case Study

Lominger Competencies & performance management

One of our clients, in the petrochemicals sector, had been instructed by their parent company to use the Lominger Competencies as the framework for the performance assessment of individuals. Reviews for everyone, from the MD down, would be based upon 31 of the competencies, and the review would then determine the level of bonus payments.

It was therefore pretty critical to get it right.

We ran four programmes for the organisation. The first was a two day course for anyone would would be performance-reviewing someone else, and who therefore needed a much more in-depth understanding of the process. The next three were one day courses for those who didn't have anyone to review, but who would be being reviewed themselves. By the end of these programmes, we'd covered everyone in that part of the organisation, and created a common understanding of the review system, and the basis upon which bonuses would be decided.

introducing lominger competencies for performance reviews

Further Information

Each one of these programmes, whether for managers or staff, took a similar approach. In outline:

As always, our focus was on a real, practical approach to helping managers use a new tool to evaluate their people's performance, and to help staff understand the way in which they would be evaluated.

And, despite the "dry" topic, we ensured people enjoyed themselves as well!

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