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Case Study

Using Myers Briggs to help a stressed team

Being stressed is, unfortunately, not uncommon in the workplace. It's also a very destructive position to be in, for the individual, the team, and the organisation as a whole.

It can also be a tricky area to work on in a group - particularly as people under stress tend to be far more sensitive and vulnerable to criticism.

To help a team who were suffering some of the consequences of stress, we "de-personalised" it by using Myers Briggs (MBTI) as the platform, and spending significant time on the Inferior Function: that part of the Myers Briggs model that seeks to explain behaviours under stress.

By creating the right atmosphere, and handling issues with a very light touch, we helped the team, and the individuals in it, to understand some of their stress behaviours, understand each other's stress behaviours, and become far more supportive of each other.

Thus reducing stress.

using mbti to improve team relationships

Further Information

The inferior function in MBTI is a powerful tool for helping people help themselves and others.

If your team, your people are stressed, or if you are, and it's affecting your results, we may be able to help. We're pretty good at tackling tough, personal stuff with sensitivity, humour, and honesty.

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