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Case Study

Positive communication and influence

Being (I confess) a former finance guy, I love getting the opportunity to work with finance teams. One of the most common areas to work on with them is being understood by the broader organisation. In far too many cases, they are technical experts who do a great job, and yet irritate (and are irritated by) the rest of the organisation.

There's an "understanding gap", and high-quality, positive communication can help to close it. It can alos help to influence others to change their behaviour as well.

That's what we did with this public service client. We helped the finance team develop their communication skills in order to increase others' understanding of them, as well as their ability to influence the behaviour of the others to make their job easier.

And, because it's us, we did a lot of the experiential group sessions outside. Fresh air has a wonderful effect on the brain.

creating positive communication

Further Information

This was, despite the "feel" you might get from the pictures, a very intensive day. We focused ruthlessly on the following:

By focusing on positive communication, the group radically improved their ability to communicate with different and varied types of people - which is having an immediate positive impact back at work.

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