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Case Study

Prioritising Projects - work on the right stuff

This was a challenging two-day course for a major retailer, and their team of new store format developers. Everyone wants a piece of them, as they make massive, positive differences to the look and feel of the stores, but despite the importance of most of these requests, there is only so much resource to go around - focusing on the right areas is critical.

We took a two-part approach to helping the team. The course design was structured around Myers Briggs, to provide a framework for the individuals to learn about themselves and each other, and how they can work most effectively. Built and overlaid on top of that foundation were some specific business issues, namely:

We managed to have a little fun exploring behaviours using some outdoor activities as well:

prioritising projects and having fun

Further Information

One of the major objectives of this two-day session was that the team came away with a clear focus on their priority projects. Pretty much all of the work they are asked to do, and are doing, could be classified as "important", so rather than use a traditional 1-4 scale, or the urgent/important model, we used a little-known model we call "MoSCoWS" model. Here's how it works:

After a rather dynamic session to create a 'Venn Diagram' style map of everything that was going on, the projects were put into one of four/five different categories:

To ensure that the team follow-up on their commitments, and remember the experience they had the the learning they took away, we uploaded all photos, flipcharts, slides, and other materials to a private, password-protected website that they can access 24/7.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more - this is a brilliant way of ensuring that your team are working on the right things, so they can really make a difference back at work.

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