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Case Study

Stretching a high-performing team

This was a really challenging brief - a very successful team were coming to us to work on getting to the next level. This meant doing something really rather different for them, and we needed to push them to their limits.

To do this, we created a "hostage rescue" scenario - we actually arranged for one of their senior managers, who was presenting to them, to be "kidnapped" from under their noses. We then put the team through some gruelling training, before letting them design and execute an audacious rescue mission.

Vitally, we then reviewed, in detail, every aspect of their performance, looking for those elements that, had they been managed or delivered better, would have made a real difference to their performance.

We all had great fun, but, most importantly, left the programme with some real, tangible, practical, action points.

stretching a high performing team

Further Information

Programmes like this can be misinterpreted as simply "good fun". We like good fun as much as the next person, and we genuinely believe that having fun, and sharing truely memorable experiences, can have a massive benefit for training; it is a huge aid to the retention of learning.

But, ultimately, we're about practical learning, and that is always our focus. The most critical part of this two-day programme was to review performance and translate that back into the workplace. To do this successfully, we need:

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